DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Houston County Commission is hoping to approve a cost of living adjustment for its employees.

Right now, there are 45 open positions in the county ranging from deputies, clerks, laborers, and other positions.

That’s about an 11% vacancy rate — a number that Commission Chairman Mark Culver said is too high.

Right now, county employees are doing extra work to cover the lack of manpower. He worries that could cause workers to leave which could mean county services could become limited.

With inflation, Culver says the county’s pay scale has not been able to keep up, so the plan is to tap into county sales tax revenues to help retain and attract employees.

“That revenue for Houston County has grown over the past two years about a million and a half dollars,” Culver said. “This increase we are gonna do Monday will cost at least that if not more so between that and cuts we are going to make in the budget request that our departments head have made.”

Culver said they hope whatever decision they make on Monday will put them in a better position on the pay scale that can compete with other employers around the city and state.