DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — New evidence was revealed in the preliminary hearing of Benjamin Adam Nowell who is facing capital murder charges in the death of his ex girlfriend Brittany Philips.

Phillips was on her way home with a friend in the early morning hours of July 8th and that’s when she ran into Nowell who hit her car to try stop it on the 400 block of Knowles Road.

Shortly afterwards gunshots were fired.

“I raised up and looked out the window but I didn’t see anybody ,and then by that time the dude came to the door and asked my daughter to see the phone so he can call 911,” Martha Duffield told WDHN the day of the shooting.

When he called 911, he told law enforcement that the woman had shot herself accidentally in the eye after she had pointed a pistol at him and tried to slap it out of her hand.

But her passenger says he saw Nowell shoot her in the head, and the passenger got out of the vehicle to run behind a residence for safety and to call 911 again.

In the meantime, Nowell fled to his cousin’s house on Webb to Kinsey Road — law enforcement checked out that location but they didn’t find Nowell — as he had already vanished off into the woods which turned into an exhausting manhunt that day.

But after search warrants, law enforcement agencies did find a gun next door to the cousin house, as well as 2 live rounds of bullets, drug paraphernalia, and shell casings in Nowell’s car and home.

A gun was also found in Brittany’s Chevy truck but it was in the holster in the floor board of the driver side.

Nowell is still being charged on capital murder after authorities believe he fired shots at Brittany from the inside of a car.

The case will move to a grand jury in November — there is no set date at this time.