WEBB, Ala. (WDHN) — Martha Duffield was in her home when she heard the gunshot, but she originally thought it was a firecracker.

“Then I said dang that sounded like a gun then and then I raised up and looked out the window and it wasn’t nobody,” She said. “I didn’t see nothing, then about that time the dude came to the door and said can we use your phone to call 9-1-1. So my daughter-in-law let her use the phone.”

The shooting happened just before 4 on Thursday morning when Nowell allegedly shot Brittany Phillips in the head. Phillips was taken to Southeast Health by paramedics and was later declared dead.

Deputies and police had the perimeter set up around Henry County Road 22, Henry County Road 11, and Broad Street. Sources say Nowell may have tried to escape by swimming in the nearby White Branch Creek.

Houston County Sheriff’s Office deployed a helicopter to circle the perimeter and at around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, a second chopper arrived to assist in the search.

Deputies and officers have been combing through the trees and checking the treeline to see if could see Nowell and at around 3:20 they found Nowell.

Houston County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook and email this morning to send a picture of Nowell to make people aware that he is armed and dangerous and now he has been found.

Nowell was found off of Henry County Road 22 and is now going to the Houston County Jail, as a suspect in the murder of Brittany Phillips.

Houston County Sheriff’s Office headed up the investigation, however, Dothan police, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Henry County Sheriff’s Office, and several other law enforcement agencies are assisting in the search.

The search has continued throughout the day and I have seen several different agencies assist with this investigation as they finally found Nowell, the suspect in the murder of Brittany Phillips.