HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Houston County Schools and Dothan City Schools are both starting to receive their complete shipments of groceries on time from their vendors.

Foodservice personnel say they continue to see shortages in several items, which leads
cafeteria workers to use substitutions in their lunch menus.

“But we have been able to adhere to the guidelines,” Child Nutrition Director for Houston County Schools, Marie Payne said. “Making sure we have all the components and nutritional items available for our students.”

“If we have any items that are not in stock or not available, we are making sure to have substitutions,” Public Information Officer for Dothan City Schools, Meagan Dorsey said. “Were working with our distributors to make sure substitutions are available.”

Last week, both school districts received their shipments and both expect to receive their shipments this week.

Houston County Schools had a small delay this week, but they expect to receive this week’s shipment.

It’s causing school personnel to be more proactive.

“And trying to look forward and plan ahead as best that we can,” Payne said.

“So we’re going to make sure to do everything we can and we really appreciate your support and patience during this time,” Dorsey said.”

Houston County Schools says that as of right now, they are okay for the rest of this week and next week.

“Right now, so far, as Houston County is concerned,” Payne said. “We are OK for this week, and even for the next.”

Dothan City Schools and Houston County Schools are both taking this food shortage problem in their school’s day-by-day because they are awaiting shipments from their distributors.

“So we may run into a problem, but for right now for this particular moment, we are okay,” Payne said.

Houston County Schools and Dothan City Schools both want to remind parents that they are staying on top of this issue and working hard to make sure each student is properly fed.