Houston County Schools consider teacher “pay bump”


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With school just a week away, Houston County Schools has decided to show teachers a little more appreciation as they deal with covid-19 with a pay raise…sort of.

We spoke to assistant principal, Brandy White, on what the raise is and will mean.

“Well they’re not technically raises. it’s us paying the teachers to work during their planning which they’re required to have a planning so it’ll be totally voluntary,” White said.

White says the extra money is a result of an expected decrease in the number of substitute teachers allowed inside the school.

In order to abide by CDC guidelines, multiple teachers and classes will not be able to be in the same room at one time. This also means teachers and their students will likely spend most of their time in one classroom.

Teachers say the extra money is appreciated and will help them not only educate their students but also keep them safe.

“That would be very very helpful it will help us get some of the supplies we need in order to make sure we’re following the correct precautions,” Sherri Miller, school teacher said.

According to White, he’s been working with current Superintendent David Sewell to make sure this plan will run smoothly. This plan is still developing and not finalized.

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