DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Schools are preparing for the worst. With COVID cases continuing to rise and a full staff becoming more unattainable with every positive case, many schools are closing their doors and are adapting to other forms of learning.

As of right now covid cases in Houston County Schools are not as severe as other districts, but should the problem get worse they have come up with a plan.

“If cases continue to rise we have come up with a preliminary plan in place for going virtual in the 9th-12th and having those teachers cover classes in K-8th for half the day and the other half the day they would be doing virtual lessons with those students,” Houston County Schools Superintendent, Brandy White said.

White says when schools shut down completely it not only affects the students but the parents as well. That was taken into account when coming up with a solution.

“We just feel like the 9th-12th are capable of staying home by themselves and parents can still be able to go to work. K-8th they need more one-on-one, they need to be in school and I think we need to be able to do everything we can to keep them there,” White said.

Across the Wiregrass, Dothan City Schools had to close its doors and go remote temporarily. Enterprise City Schools made a post on social media saying they “May have to revert to holding classes in a virtual format” and “This determination could be made at any point in the immediate future.”

For Houston County staying in person is a priority.

“We are looking at it day-to-day,” White said. “We are going to do everything we can to keep the doors open and try to stay in school.”

Today, out of 800 employees and 6400 students, Houston County Schools only has 29 staff members and 158 students out due to a COVID.