HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — With every single Houston County Commission seat up for grabs, future leadership in the county is heavy on the voter’s minds with some ready to embrace the future change.

“You just can’t continue to stagnate to be where you are at change occasionally is good,” Carol Narducci, a Houston County voter said. “That is why I am voting Tuesday for a change.”

In addition to local elections, Houston County voters are keeping an eye on state elections, like the senate and governor races, with some voters saying these two elections can decide the future of the state.

“The Gubernatorial Election, I think it is very important to be able to vote on that, for the future of Alabama and the future of Alabamians,” Houston County voter, Grace Owens said.

The Houston County Probate Office always anticipates some kind of problem coming up, whether that be machine or technology failure, or even plumbing issues at voting locations. However, during Tuesday’s election, no problems were reported by voters in any of the county’s precincts.

“So far we have been so fortunate that it has been very few obstacles Tuesday,” Houston County Probate Judge, Patrick Davenport said. “It has been a really good day so far.”

Many voters who cast their ballots in Tuesday’s elections agree voting this time around has been the quickest they’ve ever experienced.

“It was super easy, I got here about 5 minutes ago, I came in and gave my license and then was able to vote and then I stuck it right in the machine,” Claire Rhyne, Houston County voter said. “It was super easy and quick.”

Davenport believes if numbers continue to hold, the county will have somewhere between a 28% to 32% turnout, which is what is expected in an off-cycle election.

“We had a little bit of weather early on and I think that might of delayed the voter participation,” Davenport said.