DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Virginia McDaniel was taking a shower when strong winds swept through her neighborhood and shook her home where it stands leaving damage she never would’ve imagined.

“The wind was blowing and I heard a noise and the trailer shook real bad,” McDaniel said. “One of the boys came in and said that the roof had come off.”

The roof of her home was flipped over, blocking the door to the outside. When McDaniel finally pried the door open to check the damage she found almost 80 % of her roof gone.

With insulation scatter across the yard, and half their home wrapped in a tarp, McDaniel along with the three handicapped cousins she takes care of are now dealing with the aftermath of losing half their home.

“I mean it kind of scared me a little bit because I’ve never been through something like that before,” McDaniel’s cousin, Bobby Proctor said.

McDaniel says her only option is to replace the roof as fast as she can, so she continues to take care of her family as best as she can.

“It’s hard for them to get out here right because every time we come outside this insulation blows on us and we’ve been itching since it happened,” McDaniel said. “It’s easy for me just to find somewhere to live but when you’ve got three handicap boys, and one is in a wheelchair, it’s hard just to get him in and out places.”

The estimated cost to rebuild their roof is around $5,000, which is why McDaniel is asking for help from the community by setting up a GoFundMe page to help purchase the materials.