DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s been one month since Dothan mother, Lerwanna McClinden got the call that her son, 20-year-old, Sincere Tyson was found dead.

McClinden’s world hasn’t been the same since. Tyson was killed in his apartment while sleeping on October 9.

Now, one month later, she has more questions than answers about who killed him.

“My son was a good kid, he wasn’t a gang banger, he wasn’t a drug dealer, he wasn’t a thug,” McClinden said.

Following his death, she said many speculated on social media about Tyson’s lifestyle based on photographs. However, their speculation was not the case with her son, who didn’t do anything to anyone, according to McClinden.

“I don’t care if my son was sitting on social media and $2.5 million sitting on top of it, that gives nobody the right to take my child,” McClinden said.

McClinden spent Thursday afternoon putting up flyers to get information on Tyson’s killers to stop the senseless killing that ended his life. A nightmare, she doesn’t want any mother to face.

“No mother should feel what I’m feeling,” McClinden said. “My baby was only 20 years old.”

She is pleading with the public to speak up.

“Somebody in Dothan know him, and for nobody to want to help me, it hurts,” she said.

She believes the “snitches get stitches” mindset among the community, specifically African-Americans, is why her son hasn’t yet gotten justice.

“It’s gone be a while where you gone have to stitch your heart back together like I’m having to do because someone took your child away from you,” McClinden said.

As investigators continue to search for her son’s killer, McClinden and her family are not stopping until they get answers.

“I ask God to give me a little more strength like I do every day, so I can keep on trying cause that’s still my child, and all I want is for his killer to be brought to justice,” she said.

Investigators are close to finding her son’s killer and questioning possible suspects now. Friends and family say he was exactly what his name implies — sincere. She says if you care about him, help her get justice.