Infant barely survives being abandoned behind house


Western Wiregrass authorities say a 3-month-old baby is lucky to be alive after being abandoned in 100-degree temperatures for nearly five hours.

Samson police Chief Jimmy Hill said the infants’ father, 23-year-old Mason Johnson, left the toddler in a stroller behind a North Canal Street house and then forgot about her.

The homeowner heard the baby girl crying and located her. She was transported to the hospital with a body core temperature of nearly 107 degrees.

Johnson is charged with aggravated child abuse. The infant’s mother, 27-year-old Whisper Smith, is charged with failure to report a child missing.

“If you leave a child like that, you’ve gotta be responsible when you leave a child in a situation like that,” Hill said. “Thirty minutes or even less, that child could’ve, you know, it could’ve died.”

The girl is reportedly in good condition, but she did receive a serious sunburn after being left in daylight for several hours. The parents are being held in the Geneva County Jail.

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