Invasive plant species clogs up Lake Eufaula


If you have been to Lake Eufaula recently, then you may have noticed this stuff all around the docks and designated swimming areas. 

It’s an invasive species known as hydrilla. The plant is native to Asia but is causing problems for locals.

“2006 is when we started having a real big problem, and at that point, we developed the grass carp,” said Brent Mortimer, environmental compliance coordinator. “We ended up getting grass carp when we did an environmental assessment to get those grass carp in the lake. It can burn up motors; jet skiers, you know, burn up motors for that.”

Every year, the hydrilla is treated with herbicides, but officials say that the movement of the water and other factors limit what herbicides can be used.

Another issue with treating hydrilla is the cost and a lack of funding for treatments.

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