DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Investigators are releasing more information about a March shooting in Dothan that resulted in four arrests.

During the preliminary trial for Tydariues Franklin, investigators say there was an altercation between the girlfriend of Sirmarion Beasley and another girl.

Investigators say that on March 20 in the 1000 Block of Lake Street, Sirmarion Beasley, and his brother, James, opened fire on Jahunter Johnson and Tydariues Franklin who had pulled up to the Beasley residence.

The bullets caused Johnson and Franklin to disperse and when that gunfire ended, Johnson and Franklin opened fire on Sirmarion and James Beasley.

From left to right, Tydariues Franklin, Jahunter Johnson, Sirmarion Beasley, and James Beasley (Photo credits to Dothan Police and the Houston County Jail)

Although nobody got hit in the shootings, investigators say that houses and cars were hit and that they have video of the incident from the housing complex’s camera system.

All four suspects face three counts of shooting into an unoccupied building.

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