DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —The month of June is dedicated to bringing awareness to men’s health and focuses on encouraging men to practice and implement healthy decisions.

There are several diseases that men are more prone to than women. This includes cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type two diabetes, and more, but several of these can be prevented or could be caught early if men take the time to get checked out.

That is the main purpose of men’s health month.

“Men also if they are feeling healthy don’t think about their health as much as they should,” ACOM Ashford Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Justin Hovey said. “In the end, cardiovascular disease is a huge killer of men and men do need to be screened for that. Certain organs that we need to worry about such as the prostate need to be screened as well. For those men who are not thinking about their health, this is a good way to kind of bring it to the forefront for them to get screened and to think about their health in general.”

As a way to help Southeast Health will be holding a Men’s Health Fair on August 20 at the Dothan Civic Center where anyone can get a free health screening.