DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Thursday night, officers, attorneys, state leaders, and members of the media came together to recognize Wiregrass Angel House members.

In 2020, over 40 Wiregrass residents became victims of violent crimes. While some victims are learning to live with a new normal, others left behind homes, jobs, families, and friends. That’s where the Wiregrass Angel House and its members come in.

“New normal can mean being at home at 3 o’clock in the morning and needing someone to talk to,” said Wiregrass Angel House Outreach Advocate Katy Lewis. “It can also mean needing somebody to sit by you in court or to help you fill out paperwork.”

It doesn’t stop there. Angel House law enforcement members can be found investigating cases while their legal partners seek to serve through the justice system. Meanwhile, outreach advocates comfort families devastated by crime. That’s why, for one night, the focus turned to members’ hard work and dedication to justice.

“They come out and they volunteer their time and they really have no idea how much it actually means to us,” Lewis explained. “To them, they’re just coming out and doing a favor. To some of our families, it could actually change their lives.”

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall served as guest speaker for the night’s festivities. He commended the Angel House and its partners.

“I’ve been a prosecutor now for 20 years and one of the things I recognize it takes a team,” Marshall told WDHN. “That includes law enforcement doing their work but also those services for victims provided by nonprofits like the Angel House.”

Several individuals received awards such as law enforcement officer of the year, employee of the year, and volunteer of the year.

To learn more about the Wiregrass Angel House, visit its website or its Facebook page.