SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — More than 70 people have now been confirmed dead due to the devastating tornadoes which tore through Kentucky on Friday.

Hundreds more are without power, food, and running water due to the destruction, which is why some organizations here in the wiregrass are doing their part to send relief.

“Anything you have whether in your home or buy, and donate to put in this trailer, Slocomb City Council member, Don White said. “Because it could very well be us down here looking for outside help. So anything we can do to help our neighbors to the north or the south, we will be glad to.”

Councilman White has joined with southern storage of the tri-state in Slocomb to help send any and everything to the victims of this storm.

“Anything we can get, blankets, clothes. I mean, they lost everything. There is nothing,” Co-Owner of Southern Storage, Jeremy Parrish said.

“Anything that you use every day, these folks don’t have, White said. “There are survivors out in the cold. Food pantries are gone, food stores are wiped out, everyday items you can get from flashlight to food, to toothbrushes. Don’t forget the pets, they need food, too.”

With the holiday season upon us, many families were left without their Christmas presents, which is where one local Wiregrass elementary schooler is stepping in to help.

Luke Ewing, a 4th grader at Cottonwood Elementary has spent the past 4 years gathering donations for needy families throughout the Wiregrass, now these donations are going farther than ever before, as anything he has left he is donating to the victims in Kentucky.

But Ewing says this isn’t something that should happen just once but should be ongoing.

“Ain’t just a one time of the year, this is all of the times of the year, 4Th Grader, Luke Ewing said.