DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — 51 kittens got to take the trip of a lifetime on Tuesday as they headed for Chicago to find them a forever home.

Kitty Kottage organized this transport, but in the near future, a no-kill shelter in Dothan is in the works, which will help organizations such as the Dothan Humane Society, Save-A-Pet, and Kitty Kottage.

The Wiregrass Pet Rescue and Adoption Center was a project that started 7 years ago, and as of late, they are beginning to gain momentum.

“We have the land, we have the plan for the building, and we are in our quiet fundraising phase so that started technically on Tuesday,” Board of Directors, Vice President Beth Kenward said.

The rescue and adoption center will be located at the intersection of Honeysuckle Road and US-Highway 52 in Dothan. It will operate seven days a week.

The center will provide more opportunities for families to adopt a pet.

“Making them more visible, making them more adoptable, bringing the community in for different educational classes and events,” Kenward said. “I think that will open the door for a lot of pet adoptions and a lot of happy families.”

There are still a lot of plans in the works before the Wiregrass Pet Rescue and Adoption Center breaks ground, but it is already exciting for other non-profit pet organizations.

“It would be wonderful,” co-owner and founder of Kitty Kottage, Glenda Dennis said. “It would be a dream come true. I know that Dothan Animal Shelter works very hard to keep their euthanization rates down and I know why sometimes they have to I understand that, but it would be nice to have a facility that would be a no-kill shelter.”

Kitty Kottage has been operational for 12 years and they help kittens and their mother find homes,

Kitty Kottage has sent kittens to Atlanta and Orlando, but the trip to Chicago was a larger-scale project. The cats arrived Tuesday morning ready to find a new home.

“Contacted us that they were looking at cages that were empty and they needed kittens and we said we can help,” Dennis said.

The trip was fully funded through donors and Kitty Kottage says it was a blessing in disguise.

“She said why don’t we just ask for donations and we were so blessed that our donors came through,” Dennis said. “Totally financed this trip for us. So 51 kittens have a new life because of the donations to Kitty Kottage.”

Kitty Kottage-Dothan will make another trip in two weeks where more cats will head to Atlanta to find them a forever home.