Landmark Park works to recoup weekend weather revenue loss


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — After having to cancel Fall Farm Day due to rain, Landmark Park is now working to recoup some of its lost revenue.

“These events do bring in several thousands dollars so to not have one is a hit to us,” said Landmark Park Executive Director Laura Stakelum.

Due to scheduling issues and the large number of people involved rescheduling isn’t an option.

“It requires so many volunteers and employees and materials and equipment, we’re really not able to reschedule it,” Stakelum said.

But with the park’s fiscal year beginning in October, the park hopes to have plenty of time to make up its profits and promote future events.

“It just means we’re going to have to work that much harder at our upcoming events to try to make up what we lost,” Stakelum explained.

With Landmark Park being one of Dothan’s most popular attractions, some residents plan to help the park any way they can.

“Landmark Park is really a hidden gem,” said park goer Lisa Rahn. “You think about it for field trips but it’s a great thing to come out and do with your family. It’s just a great little thing to get out and do.”

The park also offers a $60 yearly membership that allows individuals to get in free to Landmark Park as well as its events.

Additionally, the park will be holding several events such as the first ever “Pickin in the Park” — a music event geared toward musicians and music lovers. And beginning in December the park will have a horse-drawn carriage available on certain days for people to use as a backdrop for Christmas-themed pictures.

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