DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Over 100 pro-abortion rights protesters gathered in front of the Houston County Courthouse to make their voices heard in response to the supreme court ending the constitutional right to abortion.

“Very disheartening and sickening to me that they overturned women’s right to choose,” Organizer Victoria Cravens said.

“I felt numb, powerless and upset, and infuriated,” Allison Moore said.

That’s why protesters held signs saying ‘ Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights, Bans Off Of Our Bodies, and How Is A Woman’s Body More Regulated Than A Gun?’ and many more.

With the overturning of the right to have an abortion, the decision is now left up to individual states. Right now, in Alabama, safe abortions no matter the circumstances are almost entirely illegal.

“As a middle-class white woman, it’s not going to affect me I’m gonna be able to travel across state lines if I ever need an abortion,” Moore said. “I know this is going to fall on the poorest of women, black women, disabled women and that’s why I’m here today to stand up for people who may not be able to be here.”

She believes lawmakers are not going to stop here and with them stripping away this right, she’s worried about the future.

“My best friend right here is gay and my sister is gay I’m afraid their rights are going to be taken away and that breaks my heart for her and other people in this world,” Moore added.

Organizer Victoria Cravens said the support has been overwhelming on social media and those who have ridden by honking their horns.

She says it’s going to take that support and more boots on the ground to send a message to those on the state and national levels.

“We’re gonna keep pushing, protesting, voting, and fighting back until stuff is changed.”