LBW Community College achieved the state’s highest success rates in the ten top enrollment courses, the highest retention rate, and second highest graduation rate, according to current DAX data.


DAX is the Data Access and Exchange record system containing data on students from all public two-year institutions.


“We received information from the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) indicating that, according to the DAX system, LBWCC experienced a 14.3 percent increase in course success rates for key general academic courses, a 30 percent increase in retention rates, and 82 percent increase in graduation rates over the last five years,” said LBWCC President Dr. Herb Riedel.


The report indicates LBWCC currently has the highest fall-to-fall retention rate within the state’s two-year college system at 65.7 percent, which means that two-thirds of full-time, degree-seeking freshmen either completed an award or remained enrolled through the following fall.


The ranking of second in the state for graduation rates means that more than a third of full-time, degree-seeking freshmen receive a degree or certificate within three years of starting at LBWCC.


“Lurleen B. Wallace Community College’s impressive commitment to their students is evidenced by their increasing success in student outcomes,” said ACCS Chancellor Jimmy Baker. “For many Alabamians, the path to success starts at their local community college and I applaud LBWCC’s administrators, faculty, and staff for their leadership and hard work to ensure that every student who crosses their path is headed toward a better future.”


The time frame in which the data were collected coincides with the development of a five-year strategic plan for the College, said Riedel.


“One of the eight goals within the five-year plan is to empower students to succeed, with a specific objective to emphasize retention and completion strategies.”


Over the course of the last five years, LBWCC implemented several strategies to accomplish the current success rate, he said.


“We made a united effort to enhance advising and counseling, and are in the first year of a Quality Enhancement Plan directly impacting the success of students. We also have employees in place with responsibility for direct monitoring of academic progress throughout each semester and providing outreach to those in need of assistance.”


LBWCC’s improvement also reflects a national trend focusing on completion, he said.


“Colleges nationwide are becoming more accountable for student performance. They are not only emphasizing making college accessible to students, increasing retention and completion are now equally important.”


Riedel said the improvements are a direct reflection of the dedication of faculty and staff toward student success.


“This is a great achievement, especially since so many of our students are the first in their family to attend college. They start without family guidance and a good understanding of the requirements involved in college-level study. These improvements indicate the level of commitment of our faculty and staff to help all our students be successful.”


ACCS Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff and Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs Tony Holland agrees with Riedel.


“There’s no better testament to a college committed to constant improvement in instructional and support strategies than LBWCC’s continued increases in course success rates, fall-to-fall retention rates, and graduate rates over the past five years,” said Holland. “LBWCC’s success serves as an example of the extraordinary leadership among their faculty, staff, and administration in their commitment to providing a truly equal opportunity for success for all students.”


LBWCC has four locations in Andalusia, Opp, Greenville, and Luverne and serves the counties of Butler, Coffee, Crenshaw, Covington, and Geneva. For more information, call 334-222-6591 or visit