LifeSouth asks public for blood donations during difficult time


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In the summer of every year, Lifesouth tends to work a little harder asking for blood donations.

We’re always at a critical need during the summer months for blood. People don’t tend to give as much when their children are out of school and they have summer plans. So any donations we can get during these summer months always help,” Team Supervisor Candice Johnson said.

While the summertime and COVID-19 may be factors in the supply of blood being low, here recently there have been numerous bad wrecks that may result in a significant amount of trauma.

“We respond to wrecks with potential injuries internal or open that could cause a lot of blood lost where we would take the patient to the hospital they would need to be given blood,” Dothan Firefighter Paramedic Vance Parker said.

If that blood is not already on the shelf when that person gets there and need multiple units. We can’t provide it. All we can do is ask the public for help but its needs to be there before those things happen,” Johnson said.

The center will accept all blood type but there are two types that are well needed.

“We always need O-negative and O-positive more than anything but we’ll take whatever we can get and then if you’re also open-minded to do other things depending on your blood type such as like we might want an ab positive two to a platelet instead,” Johnson said.

“If you’re the giving type and hopefully you are, Lifesouth holds blood drives every day. If you’re not comfortable being on the bus you can go to the center to donate.

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