A movie is in the making in downtown Dothan and will be bringing some not so common sights to Foster Street and other areas in the Wiregrass for the next three weeks. 

The movie is called Second Samuel and is based in a small southern town in 1949.

“We are burning a cross here on Foster Street,” E. Roger Mitchell, who is playing “U.S.” in Second Samuel said. “But don’t worry, it is for a great story.”

“We will have both the fire and police department present, the police will actually be closing down the street that night,” J. Wayne Patterson, Director of Second Samuel, said. 

After a pillar of the community dies, some of her secrets start coming out that the local doctor had already known, making people question her character. 

“(My character) loves the town, he loves the people, but as things start to get complicated, he also is thinking ‘What are we doing here? We love this woman,” Bill Lipscomb, who is playing “Doc” in Second Samuel said.

“(In the movie) We have been living a certain way for a long time and a change can be volatile at times, it can be educating to say the least,” Mitchell said. “We all have to come to terms with something that is really changing all of our lives and that we did not know and did not have an issue with. So why do we have an issue with it now?”

Filming will begin Sunday and continue for three weeks. 

The expected release date is sometime in the Summer of 2019. For more information, you can visit the Second Samuel on Facebook.