Local ADPH Administrator warns public about holiday gatherings and COVID


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends people celebrate Thanksgiving virtually this year and be aware that COVID-19 is still around.

Vaccinations have gone up in the state of Alabama, which will make the situation safer than it was this time last year.

“If you know those people are coming,” Administrator of Southeastern Public Health District, Corey Kirkland said. “If you know there is situation where they are not fully vaccinated. Just taking those precautions inside.”

Kirkland says that if you want to stay safe and eat inside to have the air conditioner running and maybe even open a couple of windows to help with air circulation.

Then he says to make sure that you personally are doing the basics.

“Keep in mind that good ole’ handwashing, sanitizing those things still help. They still do a lot,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland does recommend that if you are able to hold festivities outside to do so and make sure people know why you are wanting to hold the holiday outside.

“And just remind everybody of why you’re doing it. We want people to be together, we want people to see one another, think its very important, but we just want people to do it safely. Certainly don’t want to see our hospital numbers go back up,” Kirkland said.

The CDC also says that travel is not recommended unless individuals are fully vaccinated.

Even so, travelers must still wear masks on public transportation, but if people are traveling just to be cautious of people who are more susceptible to the Coronavirus.

“But still keep in mind that if you have relatives or if you have friends that maybe are unvaccinated. If they have immune-compromised problems, if they have heart conditions, or some other chronic condition that does make them more susceptible even if they are vaccinated to getting sick. To consider wearing a mask while indoors,” Kirkland said.

As of right now the CDC recommendations are just for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

As they are waiting to see what happens to the COVID numbers as we near Christmas.

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