Local animal shelter extends grace to person who abandoned dog with food, blankets, and a note


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Many of us have seen pictures of pets being abandoned by their owners. Recently, one of those photos was shared by an Enterprise animal rescue group.

But it wasn’t the pictures that caused the group’s post to be shared hundreds of times.

German Shepperd Delilah was found outside a shelter in south Alabama. She was found staked to the ground along with food, blankets, and a note. The note said “My name is Delilah. Please find me a new home. I like my food with 1 can of wet food and 2-3 cups hard food.”

Soon after, Nikki Lilly, founder of Enterprise-based Sweet Home Doberman Rescue, heard about Delilah’s story.

“One of the bigger things that stuck out with us is just that she was left with things,” Lilly said. “We take in so many dogs whether they are strays or from a shelter that nobody knows anything, much less a name.”

With that in mind, Nikki posted an open letter to Delilah’s former owner via Facebook:

We are not here to judge you. Right now you are probably wondering if she safe and loved. We want you to know she is safe and loved. We want you to know she will spend her days with a family that while they won’t be you, will love her as much as you did. We want you to know we see you and we are sorry for the decision you had to make.”

Sweet Home Doberman Rescue Group

“This wasn’t just someone who decided they didn’t have time for her anymore,” Lilly told WDHN. “This was a person who, for whatever their reasoning, just did not feel they could provide for her anymore.”

Although Nikki isn’t encouraging people to abandon their animals, she is urging people to think twice before turning to judgment.

“It’s just not worth the persecution,” Lilly said. “It’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to help a dog. There’s so much negativity, there’s so much judgment going around. While our focus is and has always been helping dogs, we also want people to know that we have to do the best that we can do in a situation that we’re in and that’s all anybody can do.”

However, dogs aren’t the only animals that are abandoned by desperate pet owners.

“It’s a standard across the board,” Lilly said.

According to Lilly, pet owners have options if they are facing desperate situations.

“Go to a vet’s office and just ask if they know of resources,” Lilly explained. “See if there is anyone you can find that can at least lead you in the right direction.”

For more information or to get updates on Delilah’s story, visit Sweet Home Doberman Rescue’s Facebook page.

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