(WDHN) — Every screen you see there is a counterfeit product,” Travis Perry said.

Travis Perry has owned his Chordbuddy for years, he was also featured on Shark Tank. But within the last couple of months, He informed WDHN there are websites selling replicas of inventions. This holiday season he wants consumers to be aware.

“If you were to look at this, you probably couldn’t tell a difference. But with ours, it’s made out of, look, you can turn it completely upside down you can’t break it, it’s indestructible,” Perry said. “If I did that with this it would break, it would bust immediately. It’s a very inferrer product plus it doesn’t work. I put it on a guitar and it doesn’t work.”

Perry said this scammer has become creative they have even stolen his words and his app.

“If you QR this code, it takes you to a video of my past away mother playing,” Perry said.

Perry suggests that if you want to prevent being scammed contact him in order to get the correct product.