HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) —The fight to end gun violence has taken a step by both the Dothan police department and the Houston County Sheriff’s Office wants to put more law enforcement on streets, but they need help from their respective commissions.

Over the past few weeks in the Circle City and Houston County have seen several deadly shootings.

So to try and combat that the police department and the Sheriff’s office are taking a stand to crack down on gun violence.

Dothan Police have already seized more than 30 illegal guns and the Sheriff’s department has done the same.

“It’s a great step, but it’s not a fix,” the Mayor of Dothan, Mark Saliba said. “Again this needs to be taken in by an entire community.”

To do that they will need more funding.

Both commissions are willing to offer whatever the budget allows.

“We know what will be coming to us over the next couple of years and then the role of the city commission is to take those recommendations to determine what is it and how much we feel like we can fund,” Saliba said.

Houston County has increased the number of deputies by 29% over the past 10 years.

Going from 1 deputy for every 1397 people to now having 1 deputy for every 1100 residents, but more are always needed

“A lot of times it is boots on the ground, but we will see,” Houston County Commission Chairman, Brandon Shoupe said. “I mean obviously our finances are what they are and we can only afford so many of anything.”

According to both commissions, this is not going to be an overnight fix, but they like the synergy between the departments and are excited about the continued effort to crack down on gun violence.

“We are 110% on board with our police department,” Saliba said.

“We work well with the Sheriff’s department together and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future,” Shoupe said.