Local doctor disputes study that suggests COVID victims don’t need vaccine


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A new study from the Cleveland Clinic suggests that those who have had the coronavirus in the past, do not need to receive the vaccine because it does not provide additional protection, but a local doctor says that is not the case.

Southeast Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. George Narby, says that the vaccine is beneficial to all.

“That information is preliminary, it has not been validated,” Narby said. “Further, other studies suggest that people who have had COVID and get vaccinated actually have an extremely robust immunity response and may in fact not need a booster shot.”

Even with multiple variants of the coronavirus in the United States, Dr. Narby says that the COVID vaccine protects from all known variants.

“All the vaccines available in the United States provide great protection against all the known circulating variants,” Narby said. “I think we need to think about protection in terms of preventing hospitalization and preventing deaths and all our vaccines right now are terrific in reducing those chances.”

Darby also says the threat of the disease outweighs the risk of the vaccine.

According to Narby, “The best way to protect your self, your family, your friends, and your community is to get vaccinated, the risk of getting vaccinated, I would far, far lower than getting the disease.”

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