Local homeschool organizations experience increase of students due to pandemic


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Homeschooling has seen a surge across the nation according to the Census Bureau. One local homeschool program, Harvest Christian School, said it has experienced that growth firsthand.

“We’ve experienced a great deal of growth,” Harvest Christian School Administrator Libi Taylor said. “We are getting a lot of students from all different areas.”

Taylor said she has seen parents starting homeschool because of virtual learning and the difficulty some students have.

“It’s difficult to try and recreate the classroom environment in the home,” Taylor said. “Which is what they have to do. Homeschool curriculums even online curriculums are specifically designed for homeschoolers so, they’re just easier to use.”

According to Taylor, there’s a lot of benefits to homeschooling like tailoring curriculum to a student’s needs. Or allowing students to explore different things they may be interested in or passionate about.

“It is a safer environment,” Taylor said. “You have a lot more control. It is still a place where there’s lots that you can do outside of the home. We have sports teams, we have clubs, we have dances, we have graduation.”

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