DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Every November, Dothan hosts the national peanut festival for ten days which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from surrounding areas and even across the country to the Peanut Capital of the World.

“We wanna showcase our community to people to people who are just coming in for today or overnight we want people to see all that there is to do in Dothan and a big festival like this is a great way for us to showcase our community,” said Aaron McCreight, Visit Dothan.

Like many huge events, the festival was canceled last year due to the raging pandemic and local restaurants and hotels missed out on big bucks they typically generate from the 10-day festival.

Dothan National Golf Club and Hotel, located a mile south of the fairgrounds, occupancy rates are usually around 50 to 60 percent until big events like the festival come to town.

“We have people come and spend the week here they play golf for a few days because we do have a golf course out there and they’ll stay, go to the peanut festival a few days, play golf some and then they head out,” General Manager Dave Hendricks said.”This place gets packed on peanut festival week and we love it so we pretty much maximize our hotel and fill it to full capacity.”

As for nearby restaurants, owners are thankful to see an increase in customers during the festival despite knowing many fairgoers like to spend their money on food which is a huge tradition at the national peanut festival.

“Yeah like I say we didn’t have it last year but I would say about 25 percent more and it’s a big deal because people come through the week,” said Tim Reeves, the owner of Hunt’s Seafood.

“A lot of our regular customers from Florida and Georgia come from over there when they might not if the fair wasn’t here. During the time it’s here we pick up some mostly on the weekend parade day is a usually good day for us,” said Art Mayo, co-owner of Dobbs Bar-b-que.

McCreight said to enjoy the fair to the fullest, but make some time to see what Dothan has to offer because you never know when you’ll make your way back to the Circle City in the near future.