SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — NAACP organizations from Covington and Geneva counties and Samson citizens uniting in orange to call for an end to gun violence in the wake of multiple tragedies.

“We’re having to look over our shoulders and always be careful to where we go and what’s going on around us because you never know who is looking to take out some hate or to hurt someone,” said Anthony Long, the vice president of the Geneva County chapter.

Like the racially motivated shooting that happened at a buffalo supermarket two weeks ago, and 8 days after, a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

“When you send your kids to school, expecting them to come home and they are gunned down like animals, Something is wrong something has to be changed,” Rev. James Ruttlen said.

To curb gun violence, many believe mental health needs to be addressed — although one NAACP member agrees it’s a contributing factor, she believes society has lost its moral compass.

“Until America has a change of heart, attitude, a return to what we founded on the NAACP was founded on justice and equality and thats what god stood for,” said Linda Henderson, the secretary of the Geneva County chapter.

But other members are pushing for more action from lawmakers for more gun control.

“It’s no reason why a weapon of war should be bought by an 18-year-old kid or anybody else in that matter that’s not a soldier,” NAACP Covington County president Hazel Bryant said.

“It’s a failure on the background check level, and keeping guns out of here level, everybody is failing and the problem is nobody is trying to get together and say I’m a failure, you’re a failure let’s work together,” Long said.

Long believes the music children listen to and the video games they play can also lead to gun violence.

Overall, the NAACP chapters in Geneva and Covington counties would like for everyone to come together no matter their race, to challenge lawmakers in the state and Washington D.C to make the nation a better and safer place.