DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The police academies in Selma and Montgomery are scheduled to have their graduations soon and in those graduating classes are seven Dothan police officers who will become certified.

The application deadline to be a Dothan Police Officer ended last Friday, and they have brought in 15 officers who are ready to take the next step.

The 15 new Dothan officers will be going through 10 to 14 weeks of training with the Dothan Police Department.

“That is just the beginning of a career, a lifelong career of continued education,” Dothan Police Captain Rachel David said. “There are always changes to case laws, new research, and better ways to do things.”

Once they get to the academy, many academic classes are involved for the officers. The officers cover different cases, laws, and develop the skills needed to be an officer.

The academy also puts a focus on mental and physical training.

“This is a difficult job,” Capt. David said. “So there is training to condition officers for things that they will encounter.”

After the academy, the training is not over for these newly certified officers. In the coming days, 7 graduating officers will join the patrol division of the police force.

“They will spend several phases of training with training officers that are actively working on the patrol roads,” Capt. David said. “So that they can learn how to do the job day in and day out.”

Captain David says that most police officers have a passion or a calling for wanting to be in the field and during training, a person can find out if this is a job cut out for them.

“And through the training process. If someone is not cut out for being in law enforcement then that usually becomes clear if it’s not a field day or something they are conditioned for,” Capt. David said.

Dothan now has a total of 181 police officers on its force and is still hiring certified Alabama police officers.