GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — In May, Geneva County Coroner Donny Adkinson won the Republican nomination for a second term. With no democratic or independent opposition, Adkinson will be sworn-in for a second term in January.

At Monday’s Geneva County Commission meeting, Probate Budge Toby Seay swore in Chad Bright as deputy coroner for Geneva County. In the event, Adkinson is out-of-town or unavailable, authorities will contact Bright in a death case to handle the responsibilities of the office.

Adkinson and Bright are in the funeral home business, both men say the responsibility of the office is immense because they’re dealing with family members of a recently deceased individual. For the family, the direction is needed on one of the worst days in their lives.

Adkinson says it has been a number of years since Geneva County has had a deputy coroner, and he
believes Bright has the “proper demeanor” to handle the responsibilities of the office.