MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — WDHN has received new details from an official with the town of Malvern regarding the drainage ditch on Scott Road.

Officials say the road closed signs have been up for four days, as the workers put the drainage ditch in to help with the draining of the pond on Scott Road. The draining of the pond helps reduce the water level.

Malvern officials say they try to grade the roads once a month.

Officials say that someone is moving the road-closed signs off the of the road and that officials have to drive over to Scott Road to put the signs back up.

Officials are asking for patience from residents of Malvern as there are only two people who work with roads and with water issues.

The pipe that has been clogged on Scott Road is due to beavers damming up the pipe. Officials are working to release whatever the beavers put into the pipe, in order for water to flow.

Malvern officials say that workers in the town and county are taking on a bigger role because of the growth in Malvern and the amount of growth in Geneva County.

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MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — Residents who live on Scott Road in Malvern have had a different commute to work over the past two days.

They now have to drive over a drainage ditch in the middle of the road or completely turn around.

“You can’t come in and out,” Malvern resident Daryl Sanders said. “It’ll tear your car up just driving over that drainage ditch the town dug.”

The drainage ditch is supposed to remove the excess water, but it’s creating a hazard for residents on Scott Road.

That’s because there is a mound of dirt on the road that cars have to navigate over.

Sanders says the town of Malvern came and cut off the pipe that allows water to flow and dug a drainage ditch on Wednesday.

“When it rains, it’s a foot deep or more and it’s unpassable,” Sanders said. “90% of the time I have to get out here with my tractor and grade the road myself.”

In the past, residents say that the town tried to dig around the road to help with flooding.

Sanders says that strategy stopped the pipe up even more, than it was before, which hurts the attempt to stop the flooding.

“Now the waters not even flowing, so now it’s gotta go off the road.”

Sanders says the road used to be in Geneva County’s control, but now the town of Malvern has taken it over and he just wants this problem solved.

“If they would just maintain the road, dig the ditches out and keep it maintained,” Sanders said. “That would be great.”

At 4 p.m., someone moved the road-closed signs into the road so that the drainage ditch would not create issues for night drivers.

WDHN has reached out to the town of Malvern about this issue and is awaiting a response.