A.M. Windham Elementary shows second-greatest improvement in Alabama schools

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Recently, A.M. Windham principal Dr. Lynn Irwin learned her school received a $5,000 legislative school performance reward.

The Daleville school is being recognized by the Alabama State Department of Education for remarkable progress after being given an “F” grade on the Alabama report card in 2019.

In 2019, the department gave A.M. Windham Elementary an “F” grade.

The grade is a snapshot of how the school performed the previous year. It takes into account student test scores and attendance information.

In less than two years, the state said the hard work of the faculty, and students raised its score to a “C.”

“We knew we were better than the score at that time, but that was the score,” Irwin said. “We knew we had to do better so we put a plan in place, and it was created through collaboration with teachers, administration, community support.”

Daleville school officials said Windham has shown the second-greatest turn-around of any school in the state.

For that accomplishment, the school will receive a $5,000 legislative recognition award to use how the faculty sees fit.

“To make sure we are attacking where they are deficient first, right away, and that came from basically dissecting their test scores,” math teacher Amanda Holmes said.

For one long-time teacher here at Windham Elementary School, she said it took the faculty, students, and their parents to turn the program around.

“Of course, our parents were excited,” fourth-grade teacher Michelle Allums said. “The parents were along on the way and provided the motivation at home and in school as well.”

Irwin said her school and the school district are proud of moving from an “F” to a “C” but will not be satisfied until receiving an “A.”

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