DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A man who has already walked around the edges of the United States once before has made a pitstop in Dothan on his latest trip.

David Cruz started his current trip in Pennsylvania, as he is on his way to Miami, Florida.

From there, Cruz says he will decide whether he wants to keep walking around the nation and perform a second trip.

“This has brought some sort of unity into play. This movement right here has made faith a trend,” David Cruz said. “So once I get to Miami I am looking into going around the United States again because if this activity started with 2 states. Imagine what would happen in 48 states.”

People from around the area have stopped Cruz on his walk to grab a picture with him and also hear his testimony of why he is walking across the eastern side of the United States.

Cruz says he is walking for his faith

“The cigarettes that I used to smoke, the alcohol I used to drink even the food I used to eat; at that moment, I made all these offerings, these were sacrifices to God,” Cruz said. “You know for helping me and for sending me these individuals that got me out of this havoc.”

Cruz says that he will make one more stop in Cottonwood before crossing the Florida line and continuing his journey in the sunshine state.