ELBA, Ala. (WDHN)—In just a few weeks, a walk-in health clinic will open its doors in Elba. It’ll be the first time in nearly a decade that residents won’t have to travel 20, 30, and even 40 miles for health care.

WDHN’s Mike Gurspan says news of the facility coming to the “City of Flowing Wells” has been a long-time goal for Mayor Tom Maddox.

This week, crews have been working on renovations of an “old” doctor’s complex across the street from the Elba Nursing Home.

By July First, the former doctor’s complex will be home to the walk-in clinic. The first such
health care facility since Elba General Hospital shut its doors more than a decade ago.

The clinic will be affiliated with Mizell Memorial Hospital in Opp. Mizell will be responsible for the clinic’s staffing. Elba Mayor Tom Maddox says it’s been the goal of the city’s health care authority for a place where folks can get treatment nearby.

But, it should be pointed out that longtime Elba physician Dr. Lance Dyess maintains his practice in the city.

Mayor Tom Maddox says “be able to come here a lot closer. Traffic is not as bad as in some of the other towns. Some of the elderly won’t have to travel a great distance and get medical attention a lot quicker.”

Mike Gurspan says “with Elba soon to have a health care facility within the city. City Chamber of Commerce Director Sandy Bynum says it’s good to bring in not only new residents but new businesses as well.”

Bynum, says “first this is a great thing for our citizens. Then it’s a great thing for our businesses because when people are visiting or shopping and if they need to get care urgently”.

In an unrelated health matter, Elba is one of several cities being considered by the south-central mental health center for a rural, crisis diversion center.

Reporting in Elba, Mike Gurspan WDHN News for the wiregrass.