ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Complaints of crime and open drug use have been brought to the attention of the Abbeville City Council.

After a woman with drugs in her car crashed into Mary Magdalene Baptist Church in Abbeville in July, Dorothy Baker brought her concerns to the city council.

She addressed members of the council on Tuesday night saying that along with the car crash, there was another incident where a man near her property was openly using drugs, though he ran off before the police arrived.

Abbeville City Council members say that they are aware of complaints of drugs, violence, and speeding in the area and are taking action to address it.

The city has installed speed bumps to help reduce drivers speeding on Girard Street and is actively considering various surveillance equipment for the area.

Police have also increased patrols through the area according to Abbeville Police Chief Eric Blankenship. He said they are working hard to combat crime and protect the community.

Abbeville Mayor Jimmy Money encourages people to report suspicious activities. He said, “I’ve told all communities the best protection from the community is people in the community.”