ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) —The city of Abbeville’s dispatch has officially joined forces with the communications center of Headland after months of preparation.

For years, the Abbeville dispatch center, located in the Abbeville Police Department, has been open 24/7 for anyone who may need to speak with E-911.

But now, with the combining of centers, those protocols have changed. Now every evening at five p.m., the doors to the police department as well as city hall will be locked.

Abbeville’s police chief says you can still call the police department’s number to reach the dispatch.

“So even if they call the numbers they are accustomed to calling, they’ll still ring here at the department,” Abbeville Police Chief Eric Blankenship said. “There will be a prompt where you can go in there and you can choose to still speak to dispatch. If you press one to speak to the dispatch, it’s going to ring in the new com. (communication) center.”

In addition, the Abbeville police have set up an emergency phone outside the department that calls straight to the dispatch center for anyone in an emergency that does not have a phone.