(WDHN) — Alabama gas prices have continued to trend downward following the price surge we saw earlier in the month.

According to AAA, The state’s average price for regular fuel dropped two cents to $2.81 compared to last week.

However, these prices are still high compared to a month ago, which had an average price of $2.63. One year ago, Alabama had an average gas price of $1.64 for regular fuel.

As for our local counties, they are seeing higher average prices compared to other parts of the state. Here is how they rank locally:

  • Geneva County: $2.88
  • Henry County: $2.88
  • Dale County: $2.87
  • Houston County: $2.86
  • Coffee County: $2.85

To find some of the lower prices in fuel for your area, you can go to GasBuddy.com.