DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The state of Alabama has just set a new record.

Dane Howard with the Alabama Hospital Association said our state has set a record for the number of COVID patients on ventilators and in the ICU. Howard said this is something no one in Alabama should be proud of.

Howard said every single day that goes by becomes worse than the day before. On Wednesday, the state is negative 94 ICU staff capacity.

“We hit the record of the number of COVID patients in ICU and ventilated,” Howard said. “We are hitting several records that are not good records to hit.”

According to Howard, this situation doesn’t just impact people with COVID-19, but rather anyone who is dealing with medical emergencies such as heart attacks and car accidents. She expects it to get even worse.

“I’ve been talking about the tipping point of things right now, and we are tipping in the wrong direction and rapidly,” Howard said.

Howard said as of right now, the state is only a couple hundred patients away from hitting another record. She expects the number of patients being treated for COVID in Alabama to surpass the number back in January of this year.

Howard said her goal is not to scare everyone, but when looking at the facts the data is pretty scary. She encourages everyone to go out get vaccinated and start wearing a mask so hospital workers can start feeling some sense of relief.