(WDHN) — Lotto Discount, Liquor has seen an influx of customers this week mostly Alabamians who are looking to become a millionaire to bring in the new year.

“People traveling now with the mega millions as high as it is people are trying to pay off that Christmas debt or trying not to be in debt coming in 2023,” Supervisor Avis Peterson said.

Theresa Smith traveled from Dothan to buy a few Megamillion tickets for a chance to win over $640 million dollars.

“I wanna come into the new year being prosperous I want to share, take it back to Alabama and give it to the school system which is much in need and it doesn’t make no sense to ride down here,” Smith said.

But that’s because Alabama is one of five states without a lottery. With the legislative session beginning in march, lottery legislation is not a priority on the agenda, but smith is crossing her fingers that it’s brought up.

“I hope we do look into it and pass that law to make things good for everybody so everybody can have something not just Florida,” She said.

Floridians are also crossing state lines right now — JR’s fireworks sees a number of customers from Florida coming into the store to shop since they offer more of a variety because in Florida the type of fireworks is limited.

“We have some people looking for sparklers and some people just want one big boom when the clock strikes midnight,” Owner Stephanie Poppell said.

Austin Yazaguirre from Quincy, Florida stopped by the store for the first time after only hearing about it. He plans to spend hundreds of dollars.

“Some mortars some bottle rockets I’m ready to go all out,” He said.

Both businesses hope you bring the new year in with a bang or if you’re really lucky a multi millionaire.