HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — Tuesday night, members of the public gathered at the Johnny Hughes Community Center in Hartford to express their views on how plans to expand Highway 52 would affect them.

The Alabama Department of Transportation held a public involvement meeting Tuesday in Hartford about the proposed additional lanes to Highway 52.

The project would span from Hartford to Slocomb, turning the two lane highway into a four lane highway.

The process isn’t expected to begin until the summer of 2023, with construction not expected to begin until a year later.

“Right now we’re in the environmental process, we’re presenting the proposed project, seeing if there’s anything that we may not know about, may not be documented. Like unmarked graves, things like that,” said ALDOT spokesperson Brantley Kirk.

However, to make such a project possible, some property would have to be acquired from other owners, which has raised some concern.

Though offers will not be made until after right-of-way has gone through, some still have issues with its potential impact.

Of the nearly 50 attendees, about half feel this was a good, long overdue project. The other half feels concerned it could mean trouble for their homes or businesses.

Some stated that this would put their home closer to the highway, which could bring new dangers to their yard. Others worry it would reduce parking areas in already small lots to their businesses.

To get more detailed opinions, comment forms were handed out to those in attendance.

These forms asked if they support the project, if they think it would be positive for the community, and whether or not the project would affect their lives.

The department of transportation is accepting online comments until Nov. 4. They can be submitted at ALDOTinvolved.com.