DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Eight juveniles broke into the Alfred Saliba Family Service center on Mother’s Day and the day following after cutting the locks on the gates.

They broke windows, trashed rooms, stole laptops, cut cords to the computer lab, and caused thousands of dollars in damages, according to Dothan Police.

The auditorium of the center is one of the hardest-hit areas. Police allege that juveniles broke in, pulled some of the curtains off the walls, and spray fire extinguishers all over the room.

And the chemical cleanup of the fire extinguishers is the most costly part of the cleanup.

“We had one quote as high as $24,000 to clean up that area. Now, we have it down to $10,000,” Executive Director of the Alfred Saliba Family Service Center, Belinda Mitchell said.

Now they are reaching out to the community again for help by posting a GoFundMe goal.

“We are asking the community to help us to our goal of $20,000 because our biggest need is our building and our property,” Mitchell said.

One of the main problems that have been noticed at the center is a low fence that can be climbed, or even dug under.

They hope to make these fences taller and possibly put in some barbed wire to ensure the safety of this building.

The funds will also help with installing new gates with deadbolts around the property to ensure the locks can’t be cut anymore.

The Alfred Saliba Family Service Center sees upwards of 200 people coming through in just a week, and fortunately for them, the center was able to return people to the center’s classrooms this past Monday.