Are my symptoms COVID or Allergies? AllerVie Allergy weighs in

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As the weather begins to change and we roll into fall, allergies begin to flare up.

According to Dr. Mark Kalenian with AllerVie Allergy, many symptoms that are attributed to allergies can be very similar to symptoms of COVID-19. So as allergy season begins, how can you tell if you are experiencing common allergies or the coronavirus?

Dr. Kalenian said there are a few distinctions to look for if you are unsure.

“Allergies the most specific symptom you can have with that is itching and sneezing, you might see a little sneezing with the common cold but definitely think about that,” Dr. Kalenian said. “That can be seasonal or perennial. COVID tends to have more muscle chills, fever, fever up to 100 maybe not as high as the flu.”

Dr. Kalenian said it is better to get tested for allergies or COVID when you begin experiencing symptoms to make sure you receive the proper treatment as soon as possible.

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