MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama State University HoneyBeez plus-size dance team is breaking the internet in a new Nike ‘Dream Crazier’ episode. 

“Being a honeybee is being a confident, plus-sized Alabama State University dancer,” the video opens as the dancers practice alongside the ASU band.

Taking the internet by storm, the Honeybeez have been a part of the ASU band since 2004 when the band director Dr. James Oliver asked five band members to become a part of a plus-size group of dancers. 

In a nation where college dance teams are predominantly made up of young women with a slimmer build, Nike featured the HoneyBeez in its ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign highlighting women who dare to challenge the status quo. 

Leaving the spotlight on the HBCU marching band dance crew, this video has been viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook and shared by the thousands. It highlights confidence, growth and the power of embracing who you are. In addition, the ASU Honeybeez were featured on America’s Got Talent Season 12 in 2017. 

“Who told you that you couldn’t do it? Who cares about the naysayers,” a member of the Honeybeez said in the ‘Dream Crazier’ video.