Attorney David Harrison: ‘I’m accustomed to a heavy workload’

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Beasley-Hawlett case is not the first time attorney David Harrison has dealt with a highly debated case. 

Over the years, Harrison has represented several individuals involved in different cases — including murder cases.

“I have been a lawyer for 29 years I think it is,” said attorney David Harrison. “I’m used to handling several cases. I’ve handled several murder cases at the same time. I probably handle five murder cases a year, somewhere in that range.”

Some of Harrison’s past cases include the 2012 United States v. McGregor case. Harrison represented defendant Ronald Gilley, the creator of Country Crossing.

Gilley pled guilty to 11 counts of conspiracy, money laundering and bribery. 

Six years later, Harrison represented Thomanta Jones. Jones was accused of shooting and killing another man, Yavari Allen.

Harrison was able to not only get Jones’ bond reduced by $275,000, he also managed to have Jones’ sentence reduced to manslaughter. 

Harrison now represents Daleville man, Thomas Goulart as well as Dothan man Coley McCraney.

Goulart faces a murder charge, but criminal proceedings have been stopped until he is given a mental evaluation. 

Across town, McCraney sits behind bars as he waits for his preliminary hearing. 

Harrison says the Beasley-Hawlett case is different from his previous cases in more ways than one. 

“It seems that this is the only case where I think that the burden of proof is on the government,” said Harrison. “That is, in every case, beyond a reasonable doubt, this might be that case that it really is true.”

WDHN expects to hear more from Harrison within the next few days as McCraney’s preliminary hearing is set for April 3. 

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