DOTHAN, Ala, (WDHN) — With many people coming in from out of town for Thanksgiving, some decide to go out and celebrate in a different way.

The night before thanksgiving can be one of the busiest nights for many bars and pubs, including Dothan’s own “Thirsty Pig”.

“The night before thanksgiving is always a great night to go out with family and friends, and so we are expecting a good crowd, we’re having trivia tonight, and it’s all about thanksgiving so it should be a fun night,” The Thirsty Pig’s owner Kerry Ferrell said.

Many patrons are either returning home and reconnecting with old friends, or have family visiting from out of town and bringing them to their favorite drinking spots.

Many bars welcome the influx of customers and get to know the friends and family of their usual patrons.

“Yea it’s great. It’s wonderful because we have so many people visiting from out of town, and our regulars like to come in and bring their families. Saturday will be a little slow, everybody’s watching football that day, but otherwise, it’s great around the holidays, having people in town,” Ferrell also said.

With most not working the next day due to the holiday, this is the perfect time for some to relax, with or without family.