GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Geneva County Engineer Justin Barfield says his road and bridge personnel have been dealing with having to bust up beaver dams.

It’s beaver mating season, and the little critters are making life miserable for him and several property owners.

Heavy rains in march coupled with the beaver mating system is not a good combination across Geneva and other Wiregrass counties.

The beavers are feverishly damming bodies of water, and Geneva County Road and Bridge personnel have been busy busting up those dams. If left alone, it often causes water to back up over streets and even on folks’ private property.

“Damage and issues by beavers getting into boxcars and getting into cross drain, backing up water on roads and private property,” Barfield said. “It’s not just a harmless little animal. It definitely causes thousands and thousands of damage throughout the year.”

Barfield says no easy answers as to what you do with the beavers. But one thing for sure, he sure wishes mating season is over with and they would stop blocking waterways.

If the beaver problems persist as a problem, Barfield says he’ll ask the commission to hire a trapper who will help his crews eliminate the impromptu dams popping up along creeks, rivers, and other water bodies.

Barfield says fortunately the heavy rains from earlier this season have subsided.

And less precipitation slows the current — which makes it easier for his personnel to break through those beaver dams.