Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary owners to retire

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Since its opening, the Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary has helped around 1,400 animals per year.

From turtles and tortoises, owls and hawks, to deer and more, they rehabilitated injured animals to get them back in their natural habitat.

“Our goal is to take injured or orphaned, natural wildlife, and we will do what we need to do to get it back into the wild,” said John Morse, owner of the Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary. “Our motto is this is where wildlife come for a second chance.”

But now, it’s coming to an end as the owners have decided it is time hang up their hats.

“We are cutting back on the animals,” Morse said.”We are retiring. We have been doing this for over seven years here in Alabama. We’re just getting tired. We’re getting, you know, to the point where we need to have some help on this.”

It is because of the big bend wildlife sanctuary that animals like grizzly, a one-winged red-tailed hawk, have a second chance at survival.

“Has it been fun? Absolutely!” Morse said. “I enjoy being out with the wildlife every day that I’m with them. It’s the best job you could have, and I say that from experience.”

He said to keep wildlife rehabilitators in business, people need to push for their support.

“Tell the state that we do need wildlife rehabilitators,” Morse said. “We do need the help from the state and the feds, that wildlife matters, and that wildlife deserve a second chance to get back in the wild.”

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