KINSEY, Ala. (WDHN) — One of the vendors visiting Christmas at the Trail rolled up in some nice wheels.

Bikers Against Child Abuse is a group established twenty years ago with the mission of empowering children who have been victims of child abuse.

Currently BACA has two chapters in the state Alabama, but it is an international organization

There is now an interest for a group here in the Wiregrass

BACA go to court with the children if needed, go to counseling sessions, but they have an end goal of helping the children get back to a normal life.

“We are very uncoventional group of individuals,” Chapter Child Liason, Ttouchie said. “We have several different backgrounds of people that are in our organization, but the main goal and the main mission of us all is to keep children as safe as we can and trying to prevent them from going through anymore abuse.”

Bikers Against Child Abuse currently does not have a chapter in the Wiregrass, but that doesnt mean that they still cant help when a situation arises.

For more information or for ways to help the BACA you can call (256) 610-4163.