Body Camera Footage: Video reveals the moment two Abbeville officers rescue woman from burning home

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Imagine waking up to a room filled with smoke and your smoke detector blaring.

Then imagine being unable to get one of your family members out from your burning home.

That was the situation of an Abbeville family, Monday before two Abbeville police officers arrived at the scene.

Body cam footage shows the moment Officer Wesley Harrison arrived at a housefire on Singletary Road in Abbeville, where an elderly woman was trapped inside the home unable to walk.

“Where she at,” Harrison asked repeatedly. “Where she at? Where she at?”

As the smoke alarm rings, fire truck sirens draw closer, and seconds race by, Harrison begins gathering the woman into his arms.

“I’m going to try to carry you out,” Harrison told the woman. “Come on. Try to put your arm around me.”

Moments later, Investigator Joshua Behringer arrived at the scene. Together the two carry the woman out of the burning house as smoke gets heavier and flames grow larger.

Minutes later, the woman’s oxygen tank explodes.

Fire fighters quickly began dowsing the flames, but once morning came, very little of the home was left.

Abbeville Police Chief Eric Blankenship told WDHN the two police officers didn’t want to be on TV.

“These two guys didn’t want any recognition for what they done but I felt they needed to be commended for their bravery and their heroism that they showed that night,” Blankenship said.

Generally, officers don’t train to run into burning buildings.

“We leave that up to the guys at the fire house for all that,” Blankenship explained.

According Chief Blankenship, if it wasn’t for Officer Harrison and Investigator Behringer, more than a house would be gone.

“Timely response is what helped save this woman’s life,” Blankenship said. “There’s a lot of times that we don’t look at what the risk is for us and everything else. The definition of true public servant, you put others in front of yourself.”

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